3 of the best places to eat in Seaside, Oregon

We were so impressed by the food at Seaside, Oregon. Even my father-in-law was impressed and coming from him, that means something! He’s a cook too so if he says it’s good, then it must be good! Coming from Vancouver, BC, a place known for it’s outstanding food, you’d think it would be hard to beat. But we were not disappointed when we went to these three restaurants. What’s a vacation without some gooood food!

Our first dining experience was at Norma’s. My mother-in-law was craving soup and seafood. We just asked the manager at our hotel what her top picks were for seafood and she recommended Norma’s which wasn’t too far from the hotel. It’s a very relaxed, casual dining restaurant. The waiter was excellent. Service with a smile. The food was even better! I had crab cakes and clam chowder. My father-in-law had clams. The food was just what we were craving! So glad we went here!







Next, we were craving steak! For delicious, mouth watering, buttery steak, go to BIG FOOT’s. The décor is cool! Cool wood carvings at the front of the restaurant. Taxidermied animals line the top of the restaurant. Service was amazing! Food was A+. I was super stuffed after eating here! I just wished I had two stomachs! I had a medium rare prime rib. My garlic mashed potatoes were so yummy. The veggies didn’t look good but they tasted soooo good!!








IMG_7276 Next, we had a craving for Chinese. We ordered delivery to our hotel room as we were too tired to go out and the kids were restless. The staff were friendly over the phone. My favorite dish was the walnut shrimp! I wanted to eat it again the next day. Our order came quickly and they made sure we had all the plates and utensils we needed to eat in our hotel room.

west lake


If you’re heading to Seaside, Oregon, check out these 3 restaurants for some seriously, delicious food!!!!

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