Is motherhood a season?

As I was surfing the net late one evening, looking for inspiration for my next post, I stumbled upon this article titled, “Motherhood is a Season”. My first thought was, motherhood isn’t a season. We are always mothers from day 1 until…well, forever. Even when my kids are grown up, they will always be my babies. Have you read the Robert Munsch book, “Love You Forever”? I will be just like the mother in that book (except for the fact that she breaks into her grown kid’s house at night through the window. That’s kinda creepy, right?) Anyways, it makes a great story. As I began to read the article, I realized what the author meant in her title.

This article put things into perspective for me. As busy moms we get caught up with the craziness of our lives. It’s as if we drown ourselves with all the activities, the chores, the laundry, the errands, the cleaning, the sorting…you get my drift. I often tell my hubby, “I’m so tired” and he’ll be like, “why?” and I’ll say, “because I did this and that and the other thing”. Then he’ll reply, “then don’t do it”. He’s such a simple minded creature, but he’s right. We always have a choice to do, or not to do. If you’re tired, then rest. So simple right? But for us moms, it’s not so simple. We are so dedicated, so determined to have things just the way we want even though we push ourselves to exhaustion. We put such high expectations on ourselves. We only want the best for our familes, you know a beautiful home, nicely decorated and organized, a clean kitchen, smart and well behaved children. It’s ok to strive for these things.

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As we aim to have the picture perfect home and family, we sometimes fail to realize, amidst all the craziness, that our little ones won’t be little forever. That one day, they won’t run to hug and kiss you when they see you after school. They won’t ask you to carry their back big back pack because it’s too heavy for their tiny body. They won’t need you to hold them when they go swimming. They won’t need you to tie their shoes. They won’t need you to brush their teeth in the morning. You see where I’m going with this? One day, they won’t need us! This brings tears to my eyes.

And so now, I try to cherish each hug. I try to cherish those tiny little toes. I try to cherish those special moments in our lives with our little ones. Sometimes, when we’re having stressful, tiring days, it seems like it will never end. But the sad truth is, everything is temporary.

Read this article, “Motherhood is a Season“.

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