How to control the house chores so they don’t control you

Wow, I hate mess! When you have kids, it’s everywhere! Toys scattered all over the place. Laundry piling up in the hampers. Kitchen sink over-flowing with dishes! It can be unbearable! When you have a baby, toddler and school aged child, it seems almost impossible to keep the house clean. But luckily for myself, the grandparents can watch the kids while I clean. (grandparents, if you’re reading this, thank you sooooooo much!) I meet a lot of parents who don’t live near their parents or in-laws so they don’t have help with child care. I am VERY grateful for the help! Thanks so much! So usually, when I need to clean the house, I drop off the kids at my mom’s and she watches them for a couple of hours so I can do some laundry or do some errands.

My sister just visited us from Texas and she said to me, “all you do is clean!” so maybe I’m a clean freak? I don’t know! (Love you, Ate!) Anyway, my auntie is also a clean freak. We are constantly wiping everything! Ha ha!

When we moved into our house, our eldest child had just turned one, and at that time, I was ALWAYS cleaning. I was either always cleaning the kitchen or doing a load of laundry. But then I realized, I can’t always be cleaning! We need to make time for other things that are also or more important like date night with the spouse, or play time with kids. (I’m guilty of spending too much time doing the house chores). Sometimes, no matter how much dirty laundry there is, or how many plates are stacked up in the sink, we need to stop and pay attention to more important things. This is really hard for me. I constantly remind myself to prioritize and manage my time wisely so there is time for everything.

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So to tackle my problem of spending too much time cleaning, I created a cleaning schedule.



What I liked about this was that I didn’t do laundry everyday, I didn’t forget anything and there was a no cleaning day. We need to schedule in time to do nothing! If we don’t do that, we’ll go crazy! Rest is very important, moms!

This schedule wasn’t set in stone. Sometimes the bathrooms don’t need weekly cleaning. Sometimes the floor need to be cleaned more than once a week depending on what happens. Tweak your schedule as you go a long. Do what works for you.

Scheduling your cleaning is great way to stay on top of the housework so it doesn’t overwhelm you and take too much of your time. Also, when we have control over the work, it feels good. Stuff gets done when it’s suppose to get done and we make time for other things that are more important like spending time with our kids, or date night with the spouse. Don’t forget self care, moms!

Take Care! Hope this helps!

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