How to get your kids to respond

Don’t you just hate it when you ask your kids to do something and they either ignore you or they make up excuses like, “my legs are too tired” or “I’m doing something right now” or “after this episode”. We already have so many things to do in a day. I could make a huge list but that would go on and on from cleaning, to cooking, to driving, to shopping. You get the picture. Wouldn’t it be nice if your little ones could be the “big helper” that you always wanted them to be. Remember when you were having baby #2 and you asked your first born if they would be your big helper? I did! Ha! (I shouldn’t complain too much. My first born is pretty helpful especially with the new baby. ) I always tell my daughters, our family is a team and we all need to pitch in and help each other. So, to help the girls develop this sense of team work I created this reward system board.

It’s surprising how a few simple things can make a world of difference for a busy mom.

All you need are the following dollar store items:

  1. A thick permanent marker
  2. packaging paper (or poster board)
  3. pretty foam star stickers (sparkly)

I wanted to steer away from punishing bad behavior and instead focus on the positives and reward good behavior. I put the board on the wall at the bottom of the stairs so they always see it.

Here’s a pic of what my “rewards board” looked like.


Every time the girls did something that impressed me, they got a star. If they took the initiative to do it on their own without being told then they got double stars. Once they reach 25 stars, they get their prize which is a toy that they really want. It’s amazing how just a simple star sticker can be so motivating!

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I let my eldest child choose her toy. (She’s like, “order it on amazon, mom!” Kids these days are sooo lucky!) She really wanted this magic set. I bought it before she reached her 25 stars so now she has something to work towards. I told her she can’t have her toy until she gets 25 stars.

What’s the result of this system? Now, my second child makes the beds and¬†cleans up toys. My older one will also help with random tasks that I ask of her. They both haven’t reached their 25 stars yet! It’s not a perfect system, but it definitely does help. It also gives them something to look forward to.

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