8 easy ways to use Perler beads

If your kids have been bitten by the Perler Bead bug, you probably have these littered all over your house! I know they are at my house! I think Perler beads have been around for a really long time but this is the first time that I have actually learned how to do it. My kids had a play date and they learned it from their friends and ever since then, they’ve been beading away. Everyone that comes to our house starts Perler beading. My aunt and uncle started doing it. One of our friends made a flower for his wife. My niece also made something. As another blogger put it, it’s oddly satisfying. Who knew that putting a bunch of beads together and melting them could be so fun? But you know what’s not fun? Clean up!!!!! Those tiny little beads get everywhere and everyday, it’s “Mommy, can you iron this for me!” hahaha…. Anyway, we have so many of these cute little creations, I thought we could make them into stuff we could actually use. Here are 8 easy ways you can use Perler Beads.

  1. Make a headbandIMG_4878
  2. Make a necklaceIMG_49023. Make magnetsIMG_48984. Make little puppet peopleIMG_48975. Make coastersIMG_48936. Decorate a cell phone caseIMG_48767. Make a hairclipIMG_48838. Make a ring IMG_4886I had so much fun making these cute little creations with my daughters! Hope it inspires you to make something cool with your Perler Beads! Have fun!

IMG_6853 (1)






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