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April 2016

  • 8 easy ways to use Perler beads


    If your kids have been bitten by the Perler Bead bug, you probably have these littered all over your house! I know they are at my house! I think Perler beads have been around for…

  • 3 ways to have a more positive mindset


    Someone once told me, that hard work is being positive at all times. As parents we know, that being positive is such a challenge. Try being positive when your baby throws…

  • Is motherhood a season?

    motherhood, parenting

    As I was surfing the net late one evening, looking for inspiration for my next post, I stumbled upon this article titled, “Motherhood is a Season”. My first thought was, motherhood…

  • How to get your kids to respond


    Don’t you just hate it when you ask your kids to do something and they either ignore you or they make up excuses like, “my legs are too tired” or “I’m…

  • Our patio experience at the Boat House


    If you’re married to a tax accountant, you dread this time of year! Why? because your spouse is working ridiculously long hours and you’re basically left to fend for yourself. (But…